Testimonial: Eric Chafin Home Builders

Eric Chafin Home Builders

In this tough market, AtlantaNewHomesDirectory.com has been instrumental to our business. Their web site consistently leads hundreds of buyers and realtors to our website. In addition, we are amazed by the number of agents who view our e-flyers! At the end of every month, Julie sends as a spreadsheet showing the number of agents who have opened each e-flyer and it's always higher than we expected. The best part is it's a real number so we can really judge if a promotion or message worked. The e-flyers are such a cost effective way to reach a large agent audience. And the customer service is unbelievable! I love getting a 'live voice' on the phone whenever I call the office. And talk about a consistently quick response to e-mails! I think the staff at AtlantaNewHomesDirectory.com holds the record. I know I can count on them to get it done and done right. Every staff member is extremely knowledgeable and I never have to wait long for an answer. When it comes to allocating our marketing dollars, we know that AtlantaNewHomesDirectory.com is money well spent!

— Marketing Department,

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