Testimonial: David Weekley Homes

David Weekley Homes

As marketing director for the Atlanta Division of David Weekley Homes I would like to say how much I enjoy working with the Atlanta New Homes Directory. The service and tools offered by Atlanta New Homes Directory has benefited our sales and marketing efforts in many ways. As a customer of Atlanta New Homes Directory for several years, I have found the level of customer service at Atlanta New Homes Directory to be top notch. Whether I am dealing with internal support or the management team everyone is always available, reliable and very friendly. Atlanta New Homes Directory feels like a small company that really cares about their clients. It's very refreshing to talk to anyone at their office. I always get a voice on the phone or a prompt response to an email. ANHD is always available and willing to offer onsite training to our sales consultants in the field or take phone calls for technical support. Atlanta New Homes Directory has attended several of our sales meetings providing tips and updates on their product to our sales team. They are also very energetic and enthusiastic when presenting to our group. They want us to know what tools are available and how to use them. They really care that we do. The Atlanta New Homes Directory website and tools complement our sales and marketing efforts and have made all of our jobs a lot less time consuming with an added level of professionalism. The Atlanta New Homes Directory tools give the sales consultants a more comprehensive and consistent package to send to prospects at the click of a button. We are also a big fan of the e-flyer service for sending updates on events in our communities. The pricing of Atlanta New Homes Directory is extremely reasonable for the variety of tools they offer a homebuilder. I am a big fan and appreciate their high level of support and variety of tools available on their site. I would definitely recommend Atlanta New Homes Directory!

— Wendy Marovich, Atlanta Marketing Director

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